Welcome to the State and Local Emissions Inventory System(SLEIS). SLEIS was designed to facilitate the collection and reporting of industry emissions data for state and local governments.

Please Note:
On-line reporting must be followed up by the submission of a certified document on compact disk (CD), digital video disk (DVD), or a paper report containing the same information that was submitted on-line. AQD has created a detailed report, that is attached to the Submission Successful email message sent following a successfull electronic report submission, for use by a facility as the certified document of their on-line submission. The certified document can also be downloaded from the View Submission History page accessed from the report homepage.

In addition, please download, review, complete, and sign the AQD Certification Form, and mail this form with the CD/DVD or printout of the certified document.


Registration for SLEIS requires that you download and complete the provided registration forms. After you have completed the forms, mail them to the address indicated on the form. For any questions about this process please contact us at AQDEI@CABQ.GOV.

Download registration forms